“My Motto is to give my best and leave people happier than when we met. That’s exactly what French Fry Heaven is all about!”

Glynda Brown – Recent Franchisee, Washington D.C.


“As an entrepreneur, the business model has to make sense. Theirs certainly does!”

Sarab and Asmeet – Franchisee, Arizona

Franchisee success is the sole driver for the French Fry Heaven franchise as it should be for any top franchise. To that end, we have set up a myriad of systems and support staff to ensure we are of maximum benefit to our franchisee. This may sound a bit over the top, but we absolutely love the people we select as franchisees of our new model. You not only give us the chance to make a living in a most agreeable way, but you allow us to be part of your family’s success and profit. We are honored and consider it a privilege to be of service to those who have earned the right to be a French Fry Heaven franchisee.

We have several systems designed to offer the necessary support for you to become a top franchise location and achieve your goals. From real estate to the menu to training and local marketing and so much more.

Real Estate

Our Site Selection team will work with you to secure the optimal location for your food franchise.


Serving the best spuds on earth allows you to capture both the fun food and health oriented markets, while providing awesome flavor for all of your customers!


French Fry Heaven will take your from where you are in knowledge to as close to expert as is possible before you every open your doors. The training is intense, so if you are ready to work, we are ready to train you for maximum success and profit!


Reputation already produced by the French Fry Heaven marketing team.



For Franchise information Call (904) 699-3975 or Email Today!

Our Site Selection team will work with you to secure the optimal location for your food franchise. We will isolate your strongest population, work with you to establish the proper boundaries, support local real estate professionals and finally fly in our expert before you sign your final lease in most cases. This is all done with the desire to ensure that you have the best franchise experience possible. We are looking for locations that at least fulfill the initial criteria below for you top franchise location.

Our initial strong suggestion to our franchisees has become the protypical location for a French Fry Heaven.   Densely populated urban or suburban areas, near or on College and High School Campuses, Night Life Areas, Strip centers with populations of 100K or more within 2 ½ miles, Military bases, Casinos, Tourist towns and just about anywhere where rents are reasonable, populations viable and brand support is in place.

In fact the entire store has been redesigned to a fantastic new space that is built for optimal comfort and performance. From the easy to understand menu, quick ordering process, comfortable seating area and even the smooth operations process, the whole super snack restaurant has been tailored to the customer experience. There is literally something for everyone. As a franchisee, you benefit from a complete build design that is adjustable to smaller and larger space (with the ideal space being between 1400- 2600 sqft). Our site selection team helps you to look for space that meets our criteria with a goal of minimizing your investment and maximizing your return. Our build team ensures you curtail cost for a top quality space, while meeting our shared opening targets dates.


Everything we do is fresh and made from scratch. This is not a fast food chain serving frozen prepackaged food. The press has reported regularly on how that is a shrinking market.  This is also not just another duplicate chain of the exact same thing everywhere.  How many make your own pizza places, yogurt shops and coffee chains can an area abide?

No, this is a menu that features divinely inspired, made from scratch meals served over fresh potatoes, fries, chicken and chips. There is just nothing quite like French Fry Heaven and customer response shows there is a need for divinely inspired food nationwide!

This is one of the broadest most unique menus in the world and everything shares the same level of quality and fresh, made from scratch divine inspiration.

600px_wdith_FFH_MENU (1)

Our original experience serving just fries showed us that there is a strong desire among consumers for a more substantial fry offering. To meet this demand and to drastically increase your revenue potential we have added an entire line of Loaded Fries. These are served as a base of fresh cut fries, chips or baked potatoes with a full meal served on top.  These include Pulled Pork with jalapenos, Buffalo Chicken, Chicken Garlic Parmesan, Ham and Cheese, Canadian Poutine and more, including and entire line for our Vegetarian customers. All are locally prepared in our new stores with fresh cut fries, meats and vegetables for an unmatched taste experience.

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One concern that often comes from people looking to get into a top food franchise is their experience in the field or lack there. They want to open the very best franchise location they can, but they fear their lack of knowledge will inhibit their profit and success. Do not fear this at all with the French Fry Heaven franchise. While having restaurant experience is certainly a positive, not having it will not be a hindrance so long as you are willing to work hard and learn what we will teach…and we will teach you!

French Fry Heaven has one of the best franchise training programs in the country and certainly one of the most intense. You will go from whatever knowledge you bring to the table, to near expert by the time the three weeks of onsite, on the ground and live fire training is all done. As a top franchise we know that training is never done, so every four to six weeks, we will be out there to review what you’ve done and look for opportunities to take you to the next level.

It doesn’t matter if you are an investment owner with management staff or a hands-on day to day operator, the training is the same and built so you will always know what opportunities are there to increase your profit and successfully manage your team and the bottom line.


French Fry Heaven choose to ramp up several areas to maximize opportunity, but what do you do when you are already dominant in an area? French Fry Heaven, in its first two years, has made top lists in USAToday, Entrepreneur, Inc, CNN Money; has been featured on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends and countless local morning programs; and, has been featured in 100’s of online and print publications such as the New York Times, Boston Herald, MSN, Specialty Retail, QSR and more. It is almost impossible to have more marketing success on a national scale then what French Fry Heaven has produced.

The recharged French Fry Heaven takes a more local focus with defined strategies for local social media that require the minimum, but clear paths for the local stores to communicate with their Happy Souls     (your customers). The goal will be to help franchisees build a local reputation that keeps up with powerful national reputation already produced by the French Fry Heaven marketing team. We will give you all the support and make for a simple experience in working with Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatever new social media is created going forward. Easy and Effective is the goal.

* French Fry Heaven does not, by Federal guidelines, guarantee, predict or estimate your possible revenue volume or earnings (this is also for your protection), as many factors affect earnings, including location, foot traffic, management and general economic factors.