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Their focus on utilizing “fresh” ingredients and enhancing customer “experience” translates into an increased ROI for franchisees.

Sarab Kapoor – Franchisee, order Arizona


Fresh has made all the difference!

Jennifer N – Florida

Towards the end of 2010 they took his parents to Europe for their 50th anniversary trip, which had been their dream. While there, Scott and Jennifer were determined to find a top franchise concept that was wildly successful and profitable in Europe that could be brought home to the US. It wasn’t until they reached Northern Europe that they discovered the magical, profitable and ubiquitous frites stand that dotted seemingly every street corner and road around. Knowing America’s natural affinity for the best french fries, seeing the success and profitability of the best franchises of Europe and knowing there was no US based top franchise doing this, he saw an opportunity to fill a totally new niche in America; the French Fry Heaven franchise concept was born!

Upon returning home, Scott left the lucrative and cushy college post for the open road selling the best French Fries on earth at festivals, fairs and concerts.  With Jennifer, and their friends by his side, they quickly gained a reputation around the state of Florida for serving what many considered the best french fries in the country.  In short order and after much research, they launched their first store, a kiosk in Jacksonville, Florida which gained notoriety for several things, the best french fries, the demand by others for them to franchise, the documented increases in traffic to surrounding retailers and long lines of passionate customers.

With the demand to franchise so great, Scott and Jennifer, though new to this aspect of business, worked with as many professionals as possible to ensure the proper treatment and the best opportunity for their franchisees to profit and be successful. Every decision along the way was made in concert and consultation with the top franchising experts available to them. Everything was focused on the franchisee and creating the best food franchise possible.  They sold franchises only to those they thought met their criteria for excellence and became one of the fastest growing and selling franchises in history.  So at this point you would think they would relax and let the thing run the course that was set?  Scott has never been one to be satisfied with pretty good, when greatness was in the offering.

This is now the story of French Fry Heaven, one of the hottest and fastest growing brands in America, shifting direction right in the middle of their boom, to ensure franchisee success now and into the future.  The French Fry Heaven, known in wide circles for serving the absolute best french fries and being a top franchise opportunity, has been reinvented, has added an even more powerful menu, redesigned to broaden the appeal and has added executive leadership with an incredible track record in Gregg Majewski, former CEO of Jimmy Johns.  You are in exactly the right place at the right time to capitalize on the massive launch of the next generation of French Fry Heaven and all it has to offer you

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In 2015 Entrepreneur Magazine listed French Fry Heaven as one of the “New Top Franchises.” So why reinvent a company that has been included in USAToday, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, CNNMoney, The New York Times, Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, QSR and in over 250 other places as one of the most compelling franchises out there? Why reinvision a product that has garnered rave reviews across social media, the Houston Chronicle and the Boston Globe to name a few as possibly the best fries in the country? It goes back the age old adage, “When better is possible, good is not enough.”

French Fry Heaven has announced new franchise opportunities as it unveils a new “Divinely Inspired” fresh meals menu that is growing in popularity with its customer base. The reinvented model features a full fast casual restaurant that serves freshly made meals, a complete turnaround from the frozen fries in snack portions that made the brand popular. The company also revamped its management team as part of the re-launch.

The changes came after consultations with key players from high level management teams in the fast food and fast casual industries, including Gregg Majewski, the former CEO of Jimmy Johns, who has since joined French Fry Heaven as its new President.


“I don’t believe in being involved with any restaurant franchise that can’t do an average of $700K and this certainly has the potential to do that and more,” said Mr. Majewski before joining the French Fry Heaven executive team.


Majewski and his team reworked the menu from frozen fries with sauce, to one featuring made-from-scratch meals served over a bed of fresh cut fries, baked potatoes, fresh hand-breaded chicken (never frozen) or fresh cut chips. Complete vegetarian and healthful options were added to ensure that everyone would find something appealing on the menu.


The new menu emphasizes “Loaded Spuds” (Poutine), which are full meals served over the customer’s preferred potato. They include, Chicken Garlic Parmesan, Buffalo Chicken, Bruschetta, Pulled Pork (smoked in house) with jalapeños and homemade cheese sauce and Chipotle Chicken Taco, among others. The emphasis is on fresh and made from scratch, with garden-fresh produce, fresh chicken and sauces ranging from the buffalo to the cheese sauce, made in house.


“We felt like people had enough canned, pre-packaged and frozen food options in the restaurant market. The internet meme for Meet Your Chef, showing a microwave, that represented a bulk of restaurant options, was just not the direction we wanted to go.” said Nelowet.


In a 13 day stretch, the company, went through 720 lbs. of fresh ground beef, 2,120 lbs. of fresh chicken, 100 gallons of milk, 430 lbs. of vine ripened tomatoes, 40 gallons of their wing sauce and 11,000 lbs of whole potatoes — an impressive amount of fresh ingredients in such a short period of time.


“We learned the lessons of the past when the original snack model needed revamping. After the massive success in our stores in Arizona and Ohio, French Fry Heaven is looking to franchise the proven model, but only with people who are ready to dominate their market,” said CEO Scott Nelowet. “We have one of the unique concepts on the market, demonstrated its ability to massively produce, assembled some of the most proven leaders in the franchising world, and are ready to grow with our franchising partners.”


Adding that he wants each franchisees to be at the helm of their own $1M franchise locations, Mr. Nelowet opines, “having a proven leader Mr. Majewski’s calibre is significant for not just the company, but for the potential franchises who are looking to get in at the beginning of something big. Everyone knows what Mr. Majewski was able to do with the Jimmy Johns franchise and there is every reason to expect that successful experience to translate to establishing French Fry Heaven as the next big opportunity in franchising.”


As the successful franchisee of the Arizona location, Asmeet Kapoor explains why he was drawn to French Fry Heaven, “I’m not rich enough to be purely altruistic. As an entrepreneur, the business model has to make sense as well. Theirs certainly does.” Glynda Brown, a recently signed franchisee from D.C. said, “I joined the French Fry Heaven team because their passion for good food, aligns perfectly with my own. Kalapana Kalavapalli summarized her feelings about French Fry Heaven, “They work very hard to improve my business and they really take it personal. They have the most talented team that we have ever seen. They know their stuff. More than any of this, they see the path to the future in short term and long term.”


Franchisees of French Fry Heaven will also benefit from the company’s marketing arm, which had shown the ability to make unparalled market penetration. Having been on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, MSN, CBS and in the NY Times, USA Today, Entrepreneur, Inc., CNN Money and QSR among others, French Fry Heaven has shown the ability to draw heavy media interest. They have been able to leverage this for local stores to enable rapid and broad media penetration. As an example, one store has been on television 23 times, the radio 19 times and in print over 250 times.


Powerful marketing, proven leadership and outstanding operations make this the brand to watch.

About the company
French Fry Heaven was started by Scott Nelowet with a vision to replicate popular french fry stands in Europe. In 2015, the company had grown to 18 small stores and kiosks, but has since shifted to the new concept and launched two stores towards the new format, with the new restaurant model having achieved an average of 18% returning business. The brand has been featured by Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, The NY Times, Boston Globe and 100’s of other media outlets.

* French Fry Heaven does not, by Federal guidelines, guarantee, predict or estimate your possible revenue volume or earnings (this is also for your protection), as many factors affect earnings, including location, foot traffic, management and general economic factors.