We are offering territories beginning with your very first locations, which is almost unheard of today. We want you to have the confidence that all of the hard work and time you put into growing your top franchise locations is well worth it and you will be able to leverage your success to the next location in your territory.  If you earn the reputation for serving the best and most unique food and having the top franchise locations in term of operations, you should be able to add to that legacy and grow your investment.  Historically, this is how the big money has been made by many franchisees in the industry and we feel it is your right to do so with the French Fry Heaven franchise!

French Fry Heaven also realizes that we have a universally loved food, as everywhere in the world they are eager for the best french fries, best baked potatoes, best loaded fries and the rest.  To that end, we are excited to work with strong international groups who are committed to expanding the French Fry Heaven brand aggressively in their country.  You will be French Fry Heaven in your country and we will give you the unlimited support you need across documents, training and all the rest, to do the best we can to facilitate your success.

So the question is naturally asked, where is the perfect location for a French Fry Heaven franchise?  Our Site Selection team will work with you to secure the optimal location for your food franchise.  We will isolate your strongest population, work with you to establish the proper boundaries, support local real estate professionals and finally fly in our expert before you sign you final lease.  This is all done with the desire to ensure that you have the best franchise experience possible.  We are looking for locations that at least fulfill the initial criteria below for you top franchise location.

For Franchise information Call (904) 699-3975 or Email Today!

1200-2000 sq ft

700-900 sq ft possible, where seating and facilities are otherwise available

Rent: Preference is $1500 -$6000 monthly

10,000 day traffic

Population Density of 2000+ or 20K in 1 mile radius

Night and Weekend Traffic

Previous Restaurant Ideal

Parking - Ideally 34 dedicated parking spaces if not in high pedestrian area.

Dominant Population ages 10-44

Large 16-35 aged population

High Family Percentage

Targeted locations: dense urban and suburban areas, Colleges, high Schools, Strip Centers, Downtown, Beaches, Tourists, Nightlife, stadiums, airports, boardwalks, walking tours, Casinos, military bases, box stores, Major activity centers, walking spaces, theme parks, mobile locations, shopping malls, hospitals, etc.

17 hour day potential operations

Delivery Locations within a 15 minute range

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We have a great team at the corporate office.We often wonder if they ever sleep. They work very hard to improve our business and really take it personally. They have most talented team we have ever seen. They know their stuff and they see the path to the future in short term and long term.

Kalapana Kalavapalli – Franchisee, Atlanta


Our real estate team holds your hand through the entire process from research to selection to negotiation.  It makes this critical step, so much easier to work through!

Jennifer – Florida

* French Fry Heaven does not, by Federal guidelines, guarantee, predict or estimate your possible revenue volume or earnings (this is also for your protection), as many factors affect earnings, including location, foot traffic, management and general economic factors.